NO: W01
W01 (Nickel-containing)
APPLY: Nickel-platinum, 14k, 18k (750) - Machine Cast
Ingredients of 1000grams 18k Platinum alloy:
750grams granular pure gold
250grams W01
1.Please prepare a new ceramic crucible, and a new ceramic or stone gold stirring rod, use new products in order to avoid contamination of residues of the last operation
2.All metal must be completely dry before fed into the crucible melting
3.Melting formula: Calculate the target per 1000 grams
4.Melt 750grams of pure gold in 1100℃
5.Piece 250 grams of W01 slowly when the pure gold melted to liquid. Do not add all W01 on once, because if it is done so, the temperature of the liquid metal will be immediately decreased, and then cured. Once cured, it is difficult to melt. Make sure all W01 operation are absorbed completely.
6.Fully stirred. Stirring rod must first heating before contact with the liquefied metal
7.Mold。The temperature should be within 1050 and 1120, which is relevant with mold equipment and material.
8.Quench for 20-45 minutes after casting. Detect every cold quenching cycle, wrong timing will make it too soft or too hard.








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