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Environment-protection Antirust Corrosion inhibitor

Kinds of metal

Antirust/Rustproof/ Antioxidant


Efficient nano-scale leather water and oil repellents

Kinds of leather

Water-drawing/Anti-oil/Stain-resistant/Dustproof effect


Green building curing agent

Agricultural wastes containing rice, corn stalks, tea leaves, twigs and leaves, as well as palm and coconut leaves, tree trunks

Fireproof/Soundproof/ Antibacterial/Mold proof/ Insulation/ Radiating/ Conductive insulation


Waterborne fireproof coating series

Fireproof doors, insulation panels, furniture lined, wooden heart board, plywood, wallboard, floor tiles

Fireproof/Soundproof/ Antibacterial/Mold proof/ Insulation/ Radiating/ Conductive insulation


Fireproof coating

Metal surface, stainless steel surface, cement surface, timber

Heat-resistant, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, fireproof


Lubricant strong Humectants


Effectively decompose carbon deposits, reduce knock, enhance fuel efficiency and reduce carcinogenic emissions, kinetic energy upgrade, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, sealed piston clearance to reduce friction resistance, increase torque and climbing ability


Fuel molecular catalysts


Fuel molecular catalysts: Catalytic fuel molecules, separate the combustion chamber Nitrogen and Oxygen. The oxygen content of fuel molecules combustion chamber increases, fuel kinetic energy enhance naturally.


Superconducting heat resin

Wires, cables, plates, electronic parts and accessories, tubes, electronic products chassis, backplane, related retardant applications

Radiating/fireproof(Denial spread level)/anti-UV/can be pressure casting


Thermally conductive resin

Wires, cables, plates, electronic parts and accessories, tubes, electronic products chassis, backplane, related retardant applications

Radiating/fireproof(Denial spread level)/anti-UV/can be pressure casting


Environment protective water-based thin-film conductive liquid

Plastic, glass, tile and kinds of thin-film materials

Improve conductivity, low temperature, to reduce ohmic value and improve film quality / good wear resistance / good adhesion and uneasy to fall off


Titanium alloy processing agent

Iron and Steelgolf head

Abrasion-resistant/ scratch-resistant/erosion-resistant


Nano-Titanium light touch coal


anti-UV/ Antibacterial/ Stain-remove


Waste water purifying agent

Dyeing and finishing plant / large industrial sewage purification

Sewage purifying/color-removing


Moisture release agent

Crops/ golf course ...

Reduce moisture loss


Extinguishing ball

Anywhere on fire can use

contact with the flame for 3 to 5 seconds, extinguishing ball will rapidly extinguish the fire


Aluminum polishes

Aluminum metal

Excellent cleaning ability / deoiling/ bright as new after cleaning


Pickling corrosion inhibitors

Steel / iron / aluminum (hydrochloric acid, nitric acid is added to the iron or aluminum)

Prevent from excessive pickling


Fuel-efficient transformation catalyst

Diesel / gasoline / aviation oil / oil / heavy oil

Fuel-efficient/ No carbon deposition/ Temperature-resistant/ Wear-resistant


Two-liquid type anticorrosive paint


Water-resistant/Seawater-resistant/ Oil-resistant/ Solvent / chemical resistance


Permanent fire solution (milky white)

Textile fibers, leather, paper, wood, Polymer

Weather resistant/ Anti-UV / improve anti-tear strength / good elasticity and abrasion resistance / long-term nature of the flame-retardant effect


Nano fireproof liquid

Synthetic fibers, polyester, polyester blends and rayon, PU coated fabrics

Great flame retardant property and water miscibility


Titanium dioxide Redstone Series

Plastics, inks, paints, rubber and widely domains resin and polymer

Weather/ Dispersion/ Outstanding coloring ability / Super cover ability


High temperature paint

Kinds of stuff

High temperature of 980 degrees



Nanoscale high-performance water repellent


Synthetic leather / TPU / PVC synthetic leather / PVC film / PVC siding material surface coating / PS / wide variety of wood and WPC

Water repellent performance / high hardness / adhesion performance

LC61-PC/ABS/kinds of alloy/ Acrylic (PMMA) resin material coating/ Gum surface coatinig


LC62-PET Film and related products / PC / ABS / glass substrates /Processing and application of various special materials / wide range of insulation paper



Nanoscale flat wetting and dispersing slip agent

(Paint / leather) resin / paint

Defoaming / smooth....


Marble-imitation resin


Water resistant/ High temperature resistant/ Anti-aging and Do not turn yellowish/Chemical resistant


Nano fiber fire retardant

Textile (PET, NYLON, COTTON, T / C) fiber products, wood products, paper products, fire extinguishers, interior fabric, leather soaking

Fireproof/ Anti-corrosion/ Anti-mildew


Nano Antirust catalyst(Waterborne)

Stainless steel / (raw cast iron) / aluminum / (raw yellow bronze) / (magnesium aluminum-magnesium alloy) / kinds of metal / screws

Rustproof/Antirust/ Antioxidant


Nano Antirust catalyst(oily)

Stainless steel / (raw cast iron) / aluminum / (raw yellow bronze) / (magnesium aluminum-magnesium alloy) / kinds of metal / screws

Rustproof/Antirust/ Antioxidant


Copper nano anti-oxidant

Silver/copper products

Anti-corrosion / anti-tarnish / anti-tarnish / antirust


Nano silicon dioxide reinforced plate

Exterior wall / panel / screen / ceiling and its building materials

Weathering performance/waterproof/ Anti-corrosion/Anti-termite / anti-chemical corrosion/fireproof/Impact resistant / easy processing


Nano universal protective film

Kinds of material

Anti-stain and easy to clean/mildew proof /waterproof/dustproof/yellowing resistant/anti-UV


Nano universal water repellent

Automotive Beauty / bag / sofa / leather / tie / glass / lens / curtains / ceramic Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment / Crafts / spool / mounted back wood

Wipe with a cloth 3-5minutes after use(keep 3 months)

Dry it with hair dryer(keep one year)

Anti-stain and easy to clean/mildew proof /waterproof/dustproof/yellowing resistant/anti-UV


Oily fireproof coating(fireproof gold oil)

Wood products/ windows / door / wardrobe / paint (especially replace topcoat)

Weathering performance/fireproof/pollution resistant/ high adhesion / bright and smooth


Halogen-free intumescent flame retardant


High thermal stability, high flame resistance, good processing fluidity, Small plastic shrinkage after processing


Halogen-free intumescent flame retardant

Substrate flame retardant, and can also be used on a substrate such as polyurethanes, polycarbonates

High thermal stability, high flame resistance, good processing fluidity, Small plastic shrinkage after processing


Waterborne inorganic cement paint resin

Wood Coatings primer / the inorganic cement paint / true stone

Temperature resistant/ soft/ high hardness


The elastic paint (acrylic)

Roof / wall / surface of any new building materials

Waterproof/ Leak proof / crack prevention / heat-resistant / anti-UV / weather resistance


The elastic paint

Roof/ mason/ structural steel and tank coated / Pool / cement surface / steel / wood / plywood / metal surface

Weather/stink/heat/wear/damage/chemical/water/oil/fire resistant


Universal paint

(Indoor and outdoor the various metal wood surfacecement surface traffic signals and series of signposts line) paint

Wear resistant/ scratch resistant/water resistant/weather/ adhesion/ Anti-alkaline corrosion / discoloration / not chalking


Waterborne inorganic high temperature resistant coating resin

(Carbon) steel / aluminum / cold rolled sheet

Acid/ solvent / high temperature resistant


Waterborne inorganic Zinc powder topcoats corrosion-resistant resin

Steel / iron wood / galvanized steel

High rust resistance / high hardness / water resistant


Inorganic anti-pollution and high hardness at room temperature drying type

Stainless steel/ glass/ tile / galvanized sheet / aluminum sheet ... inorganic material

High gloss / high hardness / self-cleaning / acid resistant/ weather / heat / chemical resistance


Inorganic anti-pollution and high hardness coating resin

Glass/tile/stone/ cement surface/wood/stainless steel/iron/ galvanized sheet and aluminum sheet

High gloss / high hardness / self-cleaning / acid resistant/ weather / heat / chemical resistance


Leather care agent


High hydrolysis / elasticity / soft / antimicrobial / mildew / anti-yellowing


Plastic Products enhancer

ABS/PPC/ASA/ Elastomer / rubber / engineering plastics

Weather/impact resistant, excellent elongation strength, and attach to the excellent resistance to low temperature characteristics to improve product functionality


The optical grade thermal conductivity resin

LED light guide plate, lens LED lampshade, panel, PE

Radiating/fireproof(Denial spread level)/anti-UV/ can be pressure casting


Four in one intumescent thermal insulation fire retardant paint

Wood products, Steel, cement board, mineral sheet iron, magnesium oxide board, gypsum board, calcium silicate board, PVC

Water resistant/ Adiabatic Fireproof


Nanoscale ultra-high performance adhesives

Aluminum / stainless steel sheet / baking sheet / plastic PP TPU / Copper



Biological paint removers

All kinds of go paint

Paint peeling


Rust Remover

All kinds of metal, especially steel and machinery

Rust remove(Light rust - wipe with cloth evenly after painted, heavy rust - gently brush with a toothbrush after painted, then wipe with cloth evenly)


Surface coating layer remover

Kinds of work material surface coating

Coating flaking / removal


Stainless steel black leather processing agent

Stainless steel products/ Ironwork / unhandled line pipe

Black rust removal


Stainless steel black leather processing agent

Stainless steel products/ Ironwork / unhandled line pipe

Black rust removal


Gloss mirror processing agent

The metal original material polishing

Raw materials polishing (original color)


Degreasing agent

Stainless steel/iron/ Cast iron / aluminum

Degreasing effect


High-performance titanium coating remover


Titanium (hardening) of the oxide film removal


Nanoscale biochemical water treatment (cooling towers)

Water tower

Purification towers and wiring impurities / anti-rust / inhibit algal blooms / antimicrobial / anti-mildew / deodorant


Stability and slip agents

PVC PP PE ABS PS processing methods

Improved the dispersibility / light resistant/ weather /anti-aging / improve electrostatic and white powder type / promote foaming


Titanium coating passivation treatment agent


Rust resistant/ heat resistant/ Degreasing


Thermally conductive resin (white)

Shell phone, computer shell, plugs, connectors, hair dryer outlet

Radiating/fireproof(Denial spread level)/anti-UV/ can be pressure casting


Nano functional POLYMER

Heat-resistant coating / metal coating / electronics industry / glass handling 

Great heat resistant/great adhesion/ high hardness / great pigment dispersion / impact resistance / excellent abrasion resistance


Waterborne Titanium resin

Building fireproof coating, metal fireproof coating, wood fireproof coating

Fireproof/waterproof/ Excellent shielding force


UV absorber

PE PVC PP PS PC Polycarbonate Polyurethane Acrylic Epoxy Other car (refurbishment of paint coatings and inks rubber)

Anti-yellowing/anti-aging/anti-UV/ non-corrosive /non-flammable


Anti-UV Color stabilizer

Polyurethane sponge, paint, leather, TP

Anti-fade/ anti-UV


Bacterial mold deodorant


Anti-bacterial/ mildew-resistant / deodorant/ erosion-resistant


Waterborne Anti-UV

Polyester fiber, CDP and blending products

UV resistance and light fastness


Nano silver solution

All kinds of products

Sterilize and anti-bacterial effect


Waterborne nano silicon dioxide

Wall / Pool / Special wall / Stone / Net pool / Pier bridge / Calcium silicate board

Anti-UV/ Waterproof/ Anti-permeability / / Anti-acid rain (water repellent effect => must be absorbent things)


Ceramic modified wax Automotive paint dedicated

Automotive paint

Easy to clean / wear-resistant and solid sense / hydrophobic / remove the ink dirt / anti-fungal / anti-dust / anti-UV / water repellency


Waterborne nano polishes

Metal surface

Remove stains/ keep bright


High-efficiency fluorine water and oil repellents

Natural fibers and synthetic fibers, Other blended interwoven cloth, Various acrylic resin and rubber resin coating processing

Water/oil repellency


Water-soluble fireproof liquid

Fire extinguishers / textiles / wood products / paper products

Fireproof/ corrosion-resistant / mildew-resistant / weather-resistant


Precious metal polishes

Precious Metal Materials polishing

Surface polishing


Silver washing water

All kinds of Copper K gold and gold products

Wash silver ring, k gold chain


Nano-scale anti-settling agent

The paint ink / PU leather / juice food factory / cosmetics

To improve viscosity / prevent precipitation


Special water-based structural adjustment agent

Emulsion paint / emulsion resin / acrylic resin

Defoaming / no fish eye /uneasy to layered

  phosphor (luminous material)  

Descriptionthe proportion of long-acting luminous powder is3:6material for rare earth elements, the material itself is non-toxic and harmless, does not contain radioactive substances.

Product Features

Luminous powder is pigments, can be applied to plastic injection, oil-based inks and coatings. After glow time is more than 10 times more than the ordinary type luminous powder, good weather resistancecan be used indoor and outdoor.

  Ceramic paint

Apply to keep objects operate effectively on high temperature and protect the objects from heat and reduce the effectiveness or failure. 4C Product cooling system, exhaust system, sport and RV accessories, motor systems, corrosive or solvent industrial installations,, internal combustion engine is most appropriate

Product Features

1、   dry naturally within five minutes without baking in summer

2、   dry naturally within 15-30 minutes without baking in winter

3、   single dose, do not need to blend, ease to process

4、   0.5mil thickness can be work

Product properties:

1、   Hardness: Insulation, acid and alkali resistant, anti-salt spray.

2、   Pyrolysis temperature: 1,000℃。

      Before spraying this series of products, we should completely exclude prejudice nanoparticles adhesion or bonding residues (such as grease, metal plating layer) on the substrate with pickling or sandblasting method, same as untreated bare wood as a substrate

      It takes about four days to complete the bonding time, in order to achieve the relevant physical properties.

     SG-7811  contains: Silver, bronze, iron gray, black.





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