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The semiconductor industry is the most important toxic substances --- hydrofluoric


    The technology upstart who work, beware of deadly hydrofluoric acid poisoning! According to the Taipei Veterans General Hospital Poison Center statistics, the domestic hydrofluoric acid poisoning is on the increase, an annual average of about 30 people to the hospital, and about two thirds are engineers, cases were reported almost every domestic semiconductor factory.
    ROC Emergency and Critical Care Medicine yesterday held a Symposium, Taipei Veterans General Hospital emergency department physician high Weifeng said in hydrofluoric acid is widely used in erosion, cleaning, marking silicon, almost half of the semiconductor manufacturing process must be used.
    However, was a transparent liquid hydrofluoric acid, oral as long as 350 mg can be fatal, and once the skin is exposed to inhaled or ingested, will produce severe hypocalcemia and hypomagnesemia, leading to convulsions, cardiac arrhythmias, nausea and vomiting. Even more frightening is that if accidental contact, early may not have obvious symptoms, a few hours after will feel pain. There have been the engineers only half arm was spilled, but two hours after cardiac shock and death.
    Weifeng remind addition to semiconductor staff, cleaning companies, window washing workers, housewives used rust remover, etched glass agents often containing hydrofluoric acid ingredients, if inadvertently come into contact with hydrofluoric acid, should be used immediately flush with water 5 to 10 minutes.






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