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    Our company engaged in the manufacturer and marketing of the precious metal material since 1982.
Its products range from pure metal powder alloy of chemicals, all kinds of conductive material, insulation material and etc.
    In recent years, the team further developed kinds of additives and finished products of high-tech products and raw materials in various fields. Any advices from you will be appreciated.
    Our products are as below:


Metal material: Silver, platinum, iridium, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, tungsten, titanium, indium, tantalum, germanium, silver alloy, K gold (K, White K), the jewelry mending alloy, silver-copper welding consumables, electronic alloy, and other special alloys


Powder: silver powder, copper powder, aluminum powder, nickel powder, silver, copper-plated powder, gold-plated nickel powder ... etc.


The slurry: Silver, copper paste, silver aluminum paste, palladium slurry


Metal chemicals: palladium chloride, silver nitrate, indium nitrate, indium sulfate


Elloy: silver alloy, copper alloy, welding consumables ...


Fireproof: non-halogen flame retardant、additive



(Coatings, cloth, paper, plastic, metal available), special synthetic leather flame retardant, synthesis reaction type fire retardant, electronic environment-protective flame agent, super titanium composite fireproof resin(revolutionary fireproof)


General chemicals: waste water purification agents, water tower circulating coolant, shiny mirror-treatment agent, stainless steel black leather treatment agent, pickling corrosion inhibitors


Special chemicals: Nano titanium photocatalyst, Nano-scale water, Oily lubricant, nano-scale ultra-high performance adhesives, the titanium film Department of passivation agent, biological-type paint removers, UV absorbers, rust remover, nano-level anti-settling agent


Architectural Series: high elastic transparent fireproof paint, stone paint, nano-scale ultra-high performance adhesives, elastomeric coatings (acrylic water and heat-resistant material), universal paint (general, fireproof)


Special chemical supplies: precious metal polishes, shiny mirror surface treatment agent, nano high performance protective agent, degreasing agent, silver-wash water, titanium processing agent, water-based nano silica, artificial marble resin.






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